5 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. from teachstreet.com:
    “A Truly Beautiful Instructor and Experience”

    Nadine Johnson has brought calm, focus, energy, and light into my life on numerous evenings at 7th Heaven Yoga in Berkeley. Her teaching transcends the studio, reminding me to breathe into everything that I do. I love Nadine’s variations on a more strict ashtanga series and especially like her choice of music and the attitude that she brings to the class. There is never a lack of challenge and always the opportunity to be gentle and listen to what your body needs. I would advise taking Nadine’s class any day, but especially on evenings when you need to let go of the days events and simply bring yourself to the mat. This class is a great stress release! Thanks Nadine!

    Elizabeth Leah – Berkeley

  2. from teachstreet.com

    “Amazing Teacher”

    Nadine is far and away one of my favorite teachers in the bay area. For one it is such a rare and great thing to find a yoga teacher who doesn’t tell you how to think…but i don’t want to just say what’s better about her than other folks but what is freestandingly great about her – and there is lots to tell. First of all Nadine understands that physical adjustments are really personal and has this really great respect for her students bodies. I’ve never felt wierd about being one of those yoga students who doesn’t like it when my teachers get all touchy feely, you know how some teachers can make you feel weird if your like, “please don’t push that there…” well Nadine totally respects that you can push yourself there if you want to and doesn’t assume you want her pushing you there…catch my drift? She gives amazing verbal instructions and while i’ve gotten great workouts in her class i’ve never hurt myself. I’ve also been able to do things – like a headstand in the middle of the room – with nadines help that i wasn’t able to do before studying with her. Nadine has also been a teacher for me in developing my home practice and I’ve found things i’ve learned from her readily transferable to practicing outside of class.

    Ben – San Francisco

  3. I have taken several classes from Nadine when she has substituted for my favorite Yoga Works teacher. In about ten minutes I went from a slight disappointment that we had a “sub” to the realization that Nadine was an exceptional teacher. Her instructions are well considered and thoughtful, she has much to offer both to the novice and to the experienced practitioner. I particularly enjoy her sly sense of humor.
    I have taken about 3 classes with Nadine and I appreciate her more each time. I look forward to seeing her name on the schedule and I hope that she gets a regular gig at either Yoga Works SF or Yoga Tree, she has so much to offer.

    Brian – San Francisco

  4. I recommend taking Nadine’s class if you see her name on the schedule. I work at the front desk at Yoga Tree and take many classes there and all over SF. Every time Nadine comes to sub a class and I have the chance to take it, I am thrilled. Her classes are balanced, in the true yogic sense of the word. I leave the class feeling a deeper sense of equanimity knowing that I strengthened and stretched my body in new ways. Her instructions prompt my awareness to spread through every part of my body. I also learn something new, as her sequences are very focused and have an elucidating effect over some new area of the body. Makes sense, she’s spent a long time training with some of the world’s most well known and best yoga teachers, in the Ashtanga tradition in which Nadine has her roots, and otherwise.I want her to get a regular spot at Yoga Tree, but she’s content being a sub for now. Two thumbs up!

  5. Nadine is a great teacher! I have taken her classes Tuesday night, Thursday night, Saturday morning and Sunday morning at the Bay Club for over 1 month now. I really like it! I can feel the difference and see improvement in my practice. I always get challenged in her classes and feel refreshed after her class. Her class is more geared towards student who have some knowledge of yoga (or I should say you might benefit it more from her classes if you have the foundation). If you are serious about yoga, do try her class out. You will not disappoint. yes, do come early to her class to get a spot as she is very popular! She seems to be an interesting person as well and very approachable.

    Evan Xu de San Francisco

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