Saturday mornings were always dedicated to cartoons. This was long before cable, no Cartoon Channel. If something came on that you didn’t like, you turned the knob (yes…I said KNOB).

When the cartoons were over, you just kept turning until something showed up. That’s how I found Lilias, Yoga and You! San Francisco in the 70’s had it’s share of exotic people. But there was something mesmerizing about this woman with a thick, long braid down her back that ran parallel to the stripe on her bodysuit. She had a sweet voice that was sort of “mom”, sort of “teacher” but cool! I’d push the Barbie’s aside and try to move along with her.

Even today, I get a little star struck when I’m in the same room with her. She is one of my clearest and most wonderful childhood memories. I can’t help but giggle and blush when I see her.

Was watching the show my first yoga experience? Sort of, but not really. I can’t say with accuracy that I was drawn to yoga as a child, etc, etc, etc…but I can say that yoga and Lilias Folan brought a little more joy to my Saturday mornings after the cartoons were over.

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  1. Nadine! thanks for this trip down memory lane! i never thought to look up Lilias on youtube. i have such fond memories of her morning show back in the 70s. my parents and i were living with my aunt and uncle for part of the summer. i was 16 and i was B O R E D! so finding Lilias was a god(dess)send. she set me down my yoga path.

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