In Gratitude

Sometimes work is…well…a challenge. What I actually mean to say is that my co-workers are a challenge.  But, that’s a subject for another post.

We’ve all had those moments. Maybe it was a bully on the play ground or a boss that reminds you of the tv show The Office…but I know when I look at someone and my only thought is “who raised you?”, it’s time for yoga.


At my current job, I work in the suburbs, maybe it’s the exurbs.  It’s just really far away from everything.  As a city kid, I’m still lost and bewildered. When there are more Targets than Starbucks, something’s wrong.
The one thing I like (there is something) is the amount of nature just outside of the office.

I see rabbits, geckos, hummingbirds and more!  Really!  Rabbits!!  It makes me so happy that I can’t help squealing BUNNIES!!! every time I see them.

A few weeks ago, a hawk started hunting around the parking lot.  The rabbits disappeared but the dark eyed juncos (or maybe they’re black phoebes) were on patrol.  It was awesome to watch the mamas chasing a hawk away from their nests.  Defiance!

The other thing that makes me very happy is teaching yoga.  No matter how hard the work week is, I feel amazing after teaching just one class.  It feels as great as the practice.

Recently,  just before class, I read that someone in my life who’s been a quiet influence and inspiration had died.  Even in a moment of sadness and loss, teaching made me feel better.  And, I’m especially grateful that people show up and we flow together.

My yoga has helped me really appreciate more in life.

Thank you.

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