Rejection Hurts

This week, Artyem Saveliev has a birthday. He turns 10.

He has a sweet face. Photogenic freckles.  Today, his deeply sad eyes are starting to brighten.

He’s the boy who was put on a plane back to Russia by is adoptive mom in Tennessee in 2010.

When I first read the story, I wanted to fly to Moscow, hold him tight and help him forget about everything that had happened. I wanted to show him what a mother’s love really is.

But, I couldn’t.

I wanted to fly to Tennessee and grab Ms. Hansen by the throat, but I didn’t.

Since that incident hit the headlines, I’ve talked about Artyem a lot in my personal life. I totally understand what he went through.

I think we all do.

Rejection hurts.

Everything from someone in traffic not letting you change lanes to getting laid off to to spousal infidelity to a parent turning their back on a child. It all sucks.

And, it happens every day.

Years ago, I subbed a class for Rusty Wells at Mission Yoga.    During sign in, one student came in looked around, asked “where’s Rusty?” and then announced that she didn’t want to waste her class pass.  Nothing personal right?

Everyday, we have opportunities to make people feel good.  We really do!  Offering to help someone by holding a door open when their hands are full.  Pay the bridge toll for the person behind you.

Look a stranger in the eye, smile, say Good Morning…and mean it.

If we all give a little each day, imagine how wonderful each day would be.  You gotta take the yoga off the mat.


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