What’s new ~ pussycat

You can sing along with Tom Jones…just click!


New classes:

OMpower yogaTuesdays and Thursdays at 6am!!  Parking is plentiful and free at that time day.

SF Bay Club: Sundays at 9am!!  Easy parking, awesome space!  First yoga, then the steam room.

New retreats:

Jamaica – March 23-30, 2013

Costa Rica – April 27-May 4, 2013

One thought on “What’s new ~ pussycat

  1. That’s cool.. I saw Tom Jones back in the days of the Circle Star Theater when it was located in San Carlos.
    He drove the crowd crazy, Bra’s flying in all directions.
    I totally enjoyed the songs, and still do.

    I heard a tambourine in the back ground of this- Nadine was that you???

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