But what if I’m not dirty?

Every Spring, the key word is CLEANSE. The stores have a ton of sales on bins and shelving to help you get organized. Web articles offer advice on how to get things really clean. And, yoga teachers talk, ad nauseum, about their retreats, workshops, classes, etc that will help you detox and cleanse.

Well, personally, no big cleanse is needed in Spring. I believe in constant upkeep. That goes for my surroundings, my physical and mental well being.

Fasting, cleanses, detoxification in any form isn’t just an annual event.

This is a good time of year to find out more about different methods but cleansing is an ongoing, long-term process.

Fasting ::

Talk to your doctor or a medical professional. Not eating for 24 hours, may not be harmful. Drinking nothing but lemon juice for a week is another issue. There are very safe ways to physically cleanse the body. Regulated use of psyllium (seeds or husk), castor oil or charcoal are very effective.

Yoga/workout immersion ::
Sure, practicing yoga for 14, 30 or 40 days straight will have a very noticeable effect on your body. Well duh! marathon training has the same effect. But, unless you establish a regular habit that you can continue with, you may set yourself up for a yo-yo effect. Any program that lasts more than a week or so needs to include downtime. Even professional athletes know when to give it a rest. Make sure any teacher/fitness trainer leading the program has a thorough understanding of anatomy. Latin names not required, but the yoga equivalent of “walk it off” is not acceptable.

Holistic habits ::
I can’t say enough about massage, acupuncture, essential oils, herbal remedies, etc. They’re awesome in every way! But, the thing is, they take time. You have to be consistent. It can take weeks, months or even years to reap the benefits. And, from my experience, it’s worth it.

If going raw, practicing a lot of twists and sitting in a sweat lodge makes you feel good, well go for it…but establishing healthy, year round habits will make you feel better.

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