I Love to Sing-a

Since I was a kid, I’ve loved music. I knew all of the words to any Nancy Wilson song my parents would play. Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd introduced me opera. The first real fight I had with my Mom, door slam and all, was over a concert–she wouldn’t let me go to Winterland the see the Sex Pistols.

I got into the habit of singing while riding my mountain bike years ago. Whenever my breath gets shaky or short, I just start singing to keep it under control. It works for me. I try singing in my personal yoga practice at home. It’s fun and silly.

Recently, I went to a couple of classes that added ohms into the practice while in poses. One master teacher had us ohm while moving through Cat & Cow. Another had us ohm in Danurasana. It certainly wasn’t melodic but it was interesting. Give it a try. You may discover something different about your practice.

Back to singing…I love everything from opera to punk to ska! And, I am a secret kirtan lover. There are a lot of us out there. We kinda groove a little to Bhagavan Das, like Jai Uttal but the scene at most kirtans is a turn off. From my experience, it can start to look like a rave (circa late 90’s) with too much ecstasy. When punk diva, Nina Hagen, released a kirtan album, I got it immediately!

Kirtan comes in varities. For some it’s kind of a somber thing. You know…the harmonium (that box thingie) comes out and your tone has to be as low and slow. For others, it rocks out, a little bass and lot of tablas. Kirtan is pretty cool. You don’t have to know the words, just sing!

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