Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Growing up in San Francisco in the 70’s was quite an experience; especially for a girl surrounded by independent women.

Watching Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem while holding my mom’s hand, showed me how it’s ok for women to be passionate and fiery. Reading about Hua Mulan, as told by Maxine Hong Kingston, while in grade school taught me that a woman and be tough, even ferocious, and still be feminine.

As l always say, yoga teachers teach what we know, even what we love. The duality of strength and softness is a major focus in my life, my practice and my teaching. But, it’s not just for the women in class.

David Swenson moves like a cat. In his teaching, he tries to get us to take the effort and stress out of Ashtanga. I know, he’s super flexible and strong and he makes it look easy…but what do you expect after 40+ years of yoga! He didn’t start that way. Minimal amount of effort..

Ana Forrest shows strength and power on every muscle as she moves through challenging poses effortlessly. Her softness and femininity, shine over her students as she leads class. Anyone who’s ever received and adjustment from her knows how warm she can be.

It’s all about balance-left and right; soft and strong, focus and relaxation. Practicing this on the mat, helps us take it off the mat.

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