Ashtanga Confluence – Day 2


Do I mind being video taped?

Oy…do I ever.  But, what choice do I have?

Tim will help you find a spot…

Seriously!  Tim Miller’s gonna squeeze my mat in between to two people already done with Sun Salutations.  Sweet!

Back row (nice); under a chandelier (bummer);

Yup…I forgot something…oh well. not going back for it.  Free class to the first person who guesses which pose I forgot.  (answer: Utkathasana)

Got the giggles half way through.  If you can’t have fun, why show up?



So hungry!  Didn’t I pass a bagel shop on the way in?  How do I get out of the garage again…I’ll just put my head down for a moment…zzzzzzzzzz


First workshop is How to Move like Cat by David Swenson.  Better known as Flying, Floating and Head standing….  The bunny hop lives on!  Plus a few new moves….


I’m tired, hungry and happy. 

Looking around, it’s not my usual “Ashtanga crowd–20-something dudes with yogi-goddess girlfriends at their sides.  It’s a room full of Baby Boomers and their teenage kids.   My first thought was Cougar Town.  Seriously, I’ve never been surrounded by so many sanskrit tatted 50-something babes in tight pants, full make-up and tank tops.   Visually, not appealing but that’s part of the yoga, right?  Get past the surface and cherish what’s underneath.  Or something like that.  I’m still resisting the urge to count tramp stamped ohms or Tibetan words of wisdom inked around the bicep.  But, that’s the imp in me…

Just like Day 1, most people looked through me, ran over me and walked past me without a smile, a good morning or even a nod.   As usual, after a class or two, people got friendlier.  There’s something about being present on the mat helps people relocate basic manners.  I’ll take it.

I’ve met people from Mexico, Nebraska, Michigan, New York, and Los Angeles.  All coming together for Ashtanga.  Pretty Cool.

5:00 pm:

Thai food and sleep…mmmm sleep.

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