Ashtanga Yoga Confluence…take 2!

It was another long drive down to Sunny-D (aka San Diego) for the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence.  I thought it was going well.  I took my time down and even planned on stopping by Bryan Kest’s studio for a little flow before the Confluence.  Then, I found myself on the 405 yelling at a CHP who was creating a traffic break.

“You SOB!  You’re gonna make me late for yoga!”  Is that a good start to this weekend?


Well, I never made it above the Radio Shack that day…but I did end up getting tacos in Boyle Heights…mmmmTacos!

I got lost on the way down.  That happens when I don’t print out directions.  I have no idea how I ended up on the UCSD campus but the view from my room the next morning made up for the crazy drive.  Left My Wallet in El Segundo…still playing in my head.


Overall, the vibe was a little more calm.  There was a kinetic energy last year.  It was the first.  There was so much anticipation.  This year, things were a little quiet.  Sometimes relaxed, sometimes eerie.  There’s a lot going on with the politics of Ashtanga right now.  I don’t know what will happen to the community but I know that the yoga will survive.  As usual.

Seeing David and Shelly, Tim, and Nancy in one place is awesome.  Getting to know the history of Ashtanga (albeit short), and how each person teaches the same tradition a little differently, but with no less purity, is fascinating.  I took a led class with Dena Kingsberg.  I didn’t know her at all, so i figured I should try it out.  Eddie Stern totally redeemed himself with me.  Or maybe, I was more receptive.  Last year, I walked away thinking he was an asshole.  Seriously.  This year, he still held that energetic space, the way that New Yorkers do, but there was a serene base that wasn’t there before.


The crowds, the chaos, the familiar faces, the new friends…always very cool.


Next year, the Confluence moves to New York….field trip!

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